Your Business Kick-Starter

Welcome to “Your Business Kick-Starter” the business community  that cares about the success of your business as much as you! 

My name is Laura. I developed this community and AMAZING (even if I do say so myself) programme to help small business owners  grow their confidence in business, gain MORE clients, define who they want to be and go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Our Facebook group is full of entrepreneurs who are all going through the same thing. Although at different stages  of business we all need that support to keep motivated and accountable.  I host regular workshops and training so that you can smash your business goals! Click “Join here” to get started!

What people say about the community...
"Joining Laura's group has been one of the best business decisions I have made. I am learning new things on a daily basis through challenges, advice, sharing and training. The advice and support I receive from Laura and the other members of the group is truly invaluable, I feel part of a big community that 'has my back', which is really important for anyone who is self employed and doesn't have colleagues to fall back on. This group is full of empathy and support and is my go to place for business advice."
"This group is a great support, people that share my wins and inspire me to move my business forward. I love the sense of community it gives and appreciate the advice and experience of others, whilst sharing mine'
"Being part of Laura's group has been life changing. Laura is very inspirational and loves to help people improve and develop their business. She is extremely generous with her time and knowledge, and is very good at bringing a group of likeminded people together. I have benefitted so much from being part of the group both professionally and personally. I've made some really lovely new friends!"

"The Key to Success is to begin before you are ready"

Marie Forleo

I have three questions for you.

Do you want....?

Training and development?

No matter which stage of business you are at you only have to look at the speed of the world around us to realise how quickly everything can change. There is always more to learn! I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing experts throughout my time in business and want to share that training and knowledge with you!

friendship and support?

One of the reasons I originally set my first business group up was loneliness. You can feel very isolated running your own business – and I know as well as anyone – family and friends aren’t always the best place to turn. The community feel within the group is AMAZING and one of my favourite things about it -no loneliness here.


The title of the community really does give this one away. I have been there. Working all hours and feeling like I am no closer to my goal – if anything I felt further from it. Accountability is one thing but what I focus upon is breaking old habits and finding the confidence to form new routines that will really excel your business.

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I am here to help you avoid the (many) mistakes that I made. Grow your business twice as quickly, hit your income goals and so much more.