My mindset towards technology

I just hated anything technological – well at least that was my mindset.

“Can’t do it, won’t do it, don’t do it – Sound familiar?”

This was my total and complete approach to anything technological online. I HATED it. I couldn’t build a website, I wasted money on designers and was ill informed about what I was actually paying for. I had such a negative mindset towards it.

I didn’t understand the words and don’t get me started on the Acronyms. Argh.

My mind-set towards technology was fixed – completely. I had zero confidence and, due to my huge fear of failure, I didn’t want to trial and error anything through fear of doing it wrong and bringing down the whole internet –not that I am dramatic.

That was until I realised, I was going to have to spend my time going back and forth with designers, spending more and more money and not really knowing what I was trying to achieve. I also realised that, once I started to learn about technology and understand what the words meant and how there is literally a tutorial for everything online – honestly I found one for how to fit the strap to my camera (again not one of my forte’s). It opened up a new and interesting world, where suddenly I began to understand things and I could develop my site myself. Still, I am, by no means an expert but from the perspective of someone who didn’t really know how to upload a video not so long ago I felt I was doing pretty well.

“For me it was simple. I had to shift my mind-set around the subject of technology”

The problem is with doing well at something – it becomes addictive…too addictive. Soon you want to understand EVERYTHING about websites, learn all of the jargon and even (and this still shocks me the most) begin to help others – now the Laura of 2013 is currently high fiving the Laura of 2018.

For me it was simple. I had to shift my mindset around the subject of technology (I still have to remind myself to now). I had challenge my old thinking and replace the “I can’t” with “You just watch me nail this”. Therefore, as I said, I now love to help others. I hate to see people fork out hundreds of pounds on something they could have done themselves.

As I say, much of this is mindset. We have to shift it in order to keep learning. Those who think they know it all won’t grow very far, but those who are willing to learn and develop themselves – the world is your oyster. So if like old me you HATE technology and say you “can’t” much more than you “can”. I invite you to ask yourself these two questions:

*Why can’t I?

*Can I learn it?

Then I want you to take yourself back to you first ever driving lesson (or if you don’t drive the first time you ever learnt something new). You sat in that car, and if you were like me, with no prior knowledge you took hold of the wheel and you learnt step, by step how to drive. If everyone said they “can’t” well the environment would love us but we wouldn’t get very far.

As Thomas Edison said:

“I haven’t failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”


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