So you are ready to kick-start self-employed life!

So you are ready to kick-start self-employed life! As promised here are my top tips when starting your own business and, I would like to add, the things I wish someone had told me!


First to the wonderful world of FINANCE! Get to know your spread sheets, your costs/fixed costs and your entire route of income. Being ahead with your finances will be invaluable! I honestly wish someone had set that up for me as the very first stop on my self-employed journey. Since I have got to grips with it I have really started to make money – way more than I could have imagined before!

Working hours

Some people advocate twenty-hour working days! I DO NOT- no way – no how. I chose self-employed life for the flexibility so when you start out set out the hours you want to work and most importantly STICK TO THEM! My partner and myself aim for a “no phones after 8.00pm”rule – definitely worth implementing.

“Know your market – know your client”

Tell your team what you need!

By your “team” I mean family and friends. These are your immediate business team and will help you succeed, not through necessarily through ideas or work but through TIME! Explain to your partner what you will need from them. How much support you will need, this has to be a team effort! If you need them to do the shopping or do the housework –TELL THEM. Likewise if you need to book childcare in during the week so you can focus on your business – don’t feel guilty! You are getting it DONE!

Social media

Social media is a minefield, BUT it basically comes down to…KNOW YOUR MARKET – KNOW YOUR CLIENT. When you are starting out, get to know who you are targeting and “hang out” where they do. Find the best platform for your business and don’t try and be everywhere!


My course – “Website world made simple” is a super quick three-week programme to get version 1.0 of your site off the ground. Yes websites are needed for business BUT you don’t need an all access, phenomenal website when you are starting out. Something simple, basic – maybe even one page, will work perfectly to get you started! You can download my website Jargon buster here.


These are SO important. Building your list from the get go is a great way to build your network. Do it the right way and ensure you are meeting all of the new GDPR regulations. Use a simple software programme to get you started (I love Mailchimp as it is so easy to use and integrate!).

Don’t be intimidated

It is so easy to spend hours comparing yourself to others who are in your industry – who seem to be leaps and bounds ahead. Remember you are on your own path, you have your own ideas and the centre of your business is YOU! No matter what there is no one else out there who is going to do it the same way you will and THAT is what makes your business special!

So there you have my first stages of starting your own business. Would you like more?

Check out my next post for something super simple that will improve your focus and move you towards your goals!

Laura x

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