Running a business when you suffer with Anxiety

Everyday more and more people assess their mental health and as a nation we are all working to understand and improve it – we finally want to open up the conversation. So I pose the question to you; What do you do when you are running a business and you suffer with anxiety?

Running a business is stressful and risky but if you are some who suffers with anxiety IT CAN BE TEN TIMES WORSE. When I set up my business in 2011 I was taking a big risk, (Let me just say I am not completely risk adverse) but what I had not accounted for was the battle I would be facing running a business when I suffer with anxiety. Continue reading “Running a business when you suffer with Anxiety”

Coaches, coaches everywhere… but who can you really trust?

I don’t know about you but my Facebook feed has been saturated over the last twelve months with people offering themselves up as “Coaches” – business coaches, mind-set coaches, finance coaches, select the right shopping for your shopping basket coaches – how to put your shoes on the best way coaches (well maybe I exaggerate with the last two…although it wouldn’t surprise me!).

Continue reading “Coaches, coaches everywhere… but who can you really trust?”