Coaches, coaches everywhere… but who can you really trust?

I don’t know about you but my Facebook feed has been saturated over the last twelve months with people offering themselves up as “Coaches” – business coaches, mind-set coaches, finance coaches, select the right shopping for your shopping basket coaches – how to put your shoes on the best way coaches (well maybe I exaggerate with the last two…although it wouldn’t surprise me!).

My favourite type of coach (THE ULTIMATE COACH) are the ones who teach you how to coach to teach others how to coach to teach others how to coach…I could go on. I had a fleeting interaction with one of these “coaches” (fortunately I did not invest) but her overall ethos was “I will help you to secure your first four clients who will each pay £3000 for your services and you can teach them how to coach”.

Firstly she had no clue about my background, how does she know I could coach anyone? Secondly, £3000? Who in their right –mind would turn around and just pay someone for, what was in my eyes, FLUFF!

Five months ago made the decision to move into the “coaching” sector. Unintentionally, but it was the right move. I had started working with small business owners and developing their businesses. Hypocrite! I hear you cry! Writing an article about coaches when you are one…

Let me stop you there. I have run my own business for nearly seven years (that’s a pretty decent amount of time), It has been very successful for me and I have been fortunate that it has grown steadily. I knew nothing about business when I started (literally zero) and have spent seven years investing in training, coaching (with two sensational coaches), mentoring and learning in order to support my success. Therefore I now want to consolidate that into a simple training course (I like to think of it as a learning experience). My aim? To help other business owners who, like I was, are confused about to move their business forwards. My main ethos is everything I do has to be skill based and tangible for the learner.

This is where I got stuck with branding. I did not want to call myself a “coach” I am simply a tangible, learning support person. I have not completed a coaching course nor do I have a qualification, YET some coaches who have these things, have never run a business and yet they are offering business coaching? The mind boggles.

When you start out in business you often have no idea where to turn or if you are going through a slump the feeling can be much the same. You need help and support to move your business forwards but with all of these “coaches” on the market how do you really know what you are paying for? In my eyes many of them are looking for vulnerable business owners who just want to invest as they think it is the best route. This is where I want to help.

Here are ten things to think about when you are looking for a business coach..

1. Google their website and use – Way Back Machine

This will show you exactly what that website used to be (my near miss came doing this – turns out she was just small time fashion blogger and not the multimillionaire she claimed)

2. Check for reviews of their services online and on social media

Scroll back in their posts and see what they have been doing- especially if they are making HUGE claims.

3. Check they can do what they say they can…

If they are a mindset coach read their “CV” check there training and experience out. If they are a business coach check that they have run their own business. This is a big one for me… DO NOT try to coach me on how to run a business if you have NEVER run one.

4. See how much “Free Value” they are giving and how good it actually is!

Join their Facebook groups and sit in them. Watch the posts, the value – check out the kind of voice they have as a coach – are they right for you?

5. DO NOT BE FOOLED by motivational quotes

“You got this” “I believe in you” attitude. I can gaurentee when they take on TOO many clients – which is always likely. What seemed positive and empowering at first becomes less and less tangible. Motivational quotes make a nice t-shirt BUT they won’t help build you a business.

6. SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS…. Give me a break.

So you went to uni and used Facebook and now you are an expert. NO – there are awesome people out there who cover this area of work. Find them. Check out their background. Are they marketing / digital marketing based? Because they are the people you are going to need.

7. It is NOT a quick financial fix to become a coach OR to hire one.

You need to work HARD and find someone who gives you real tangible and applicable learning for what you want to do. Make sure they work hard for their clients and don’t trust any “Six figure coaching” people….if it was that easy we would all be rich!

8. Please avoid “empowerment” “take back control of your life” coaches…

UNLESS they can give you real strategy (you learn this by joining their group). If you are not feeling “empowered” or “have no control” start reading. It’s a great first step towards finding they type of person you are and who you want to work with.

9. If it sounds too good to be true it usually IS!

They can not guarantee you growth or clients or stability in your business so if they do ask some SERIOUS questions…

10. Finally think of coaching like DATING.

You need to find the one that fits best for you. They need to care and they need to want the best for you. DO NOT get FOMO from other peoples coaches and courses and sign up out of panic. Do what is right for you. Check them out – know them – Facebook stalk them and then if they are right WORK WITH THEM and PAY FOR THEM!!

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