My issue with Network Marketing (MLM – any of this industry really)

Firstly before anyone in Network Marketing jumps in and shoots straight to the comments section to troll me please READ the entirety of this post.

As I have said many times I love self-employment and advocate EVERYONE at some point being self-employed – seriously it is the best. My issue with network marketing is NOT the products, it’s not the people (okay well sometimes it’s the people), its’ not the idea behind it. Network marketing gives people the opportunity for freedom in life and in business – brilliant.

My issue is the personality qualities and traits it emphasises and the all-consuming thoughts that appear from within you – that you never knew existed.

I have been there – I have done “Network Marketing”

Let me begin by saying I had my moment joining an MLM business. I genuinely LOVED the products (I still do!) and the team I joined were amazing. However it released something in me that I did not like.

I began (very unwittingly) to see everyone as potential team member, to want to offer everyone this business opportunity that I loved. I wanted to tell everyone, (convince them) that they were missing this product in their life. That the freedom this company could offer was AMAZING, they could leave work, have the life of their dreams – do what they love! BUT, and it is one “I like big butts and I can not lie BUTT” this opportunity did not necessarily suit them AND I hadn’t even created this life yet so who was I to sell it?

What I failed to recognise (in my need to sell) was that with this opportunity came risk, challenges, failures and most of all I was asking them to be something they are not. I was asking them to sell, not for love and belief, not for value but for to it give them a lifestyle they wanted – to create a network to create a lifestyle.

It was a pyramid based on falsity. It was not authentic. They did not offer the world value. They were taking a risk because I told them it would be okay. Fortunately I realised all of this WAY before I enticed anyone in. I have one wonderful team member who joined as she LOVES the products too and it fit into her life. Both of us were also self-employed in other capacities so were used to the hardships and struggles of this line of work.

So what should you do if you want to do Network Marketing?

When I join groups on social media I see the network marketers jumping on posts and on people. People genuinely asking how they can start a business, wanting advice but all they see is another bonus or potential team member. I know some amazing network marketers and people in MLM companies who are fantastic however with this market more saturated than ever before – the quality begins to deplete.

So my advice if you are entering into this world. Treat your product as if it was your own idea and own creation, believe in it as if it is, aim to give people value not make a sale or grow your team, really want to change peoples lives and help them alongside changing your own NOT just to you help you do so. Join a company that you truly believe in – not just a lifestyle someone sold you. There a lots of brilliant companies, research them and find the one that is right for you.

I hope this post isn’t seen as an attack and please do feel free to slate me in the comments if you feel you should.

Please take my advice and build your business in the best way possible.

Laura x

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