Why your customer is not just your customer

Why you customer is not just your customer seemed a fitting post to write today as last week I made a huge decision in my business life. I decided to announce the closure of my first company NWC Parties. It feels like the right time to make this call and I am genuinely excited for what the future holds for myself in business.

It was not an easy decision to make and it was most definitely emotional but not for the reasons I thought. I thought I would miss the party life, of making children’s dreams come true and acting like I am still six years old (last week I got ID’d for a lottery ticket- I am putting this solely down to the job). Don’t get me wrong I will miss this immensely but what I will really miss is seeing all of the amazing clients and children I have had the pleasure of working with for so many years. Those who have made the business possible and those who have continued to support me throughout.

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Hate the Camera? Here are my tips to get over your “stage” fright!

Okay so we know how important video is for business – we are bombarded with it daily on social media. People just love the camera. What if you don’t?

Whether it be funny videos, serious hard-hitting question your morals videos, or simply funny cat videos they are everywhere. How is it though that cat seems to have more confidence than you?  Continue reading “Hate the Camera? Here are my tips to get over your “stage” fright!”