Why your customer is not just your customer

Why you customer is not just your customer seemed a fitting post to write today as last week I made a huge decision in my business life. I decided to announce the closure of my first company NWC Parties. It feels like the right time to make this call and I am genuinely excited for what the future holds for myself in business.

It was not an easy decision to make and it was most definitely emotional but not for the reasons I thought. I thought I would miss the party life, of making children’s dreams come true and acting like I am still six years old (last week I got ID’d for a lottery ticket- I am putting this solely down to the job). Don’t get me wrong I will miss this immensely but what I will really miss is seeing all of the amazing clients and children I have had the pleasure of working with for so many years. Those who have made the business possible and those who have continued to support me throughout.

Everyone has their own journey.

When I set my first Facebook Page up in 2013 (complete social media novice) I was so nervous. I had no logo, no website, no following, no network – zero. Within thirty minutes I had received my first two bookings – I could not believe it. Needless to say I took my Mum with me, to me this was another version of online dating, I had only spoken with them online and had no idea who they were – I was just waiting for them to kidnap Elsa. Of course – they were wonderful and the bookings, from that point on, came in thick and fast. We were full constantly. I will forever wish I had something like my “Your business Kick-starter Course” for that first three years of business, I like to think I would have achieved even more things and definitely made so many less mistakes had it been available.

When I started out in 2013 on social media I made three HUGE mistakes i….
  1. Saw Customers as Customers and nothing more.
  2. Focused on EVERY other company and beating them – how could I one up everyone?
  3. Wasted my time posting my stuff everywhere and trying to beat others to the forefront on enquiries and selling.

Now, maybe I have just become more relaxed as the business has grown or maybe its because I am now seven years older but I wish I had learnt from day one how I was wrong about these three things.

Your Customer.

Firstly your customer is SO MUCH MORE than just a customer. They are a client, a promoter, a supporter, a cheerleader, advisor, reviewer and most importantly a friend on your business journey and thereafter. I like to think I never treat people as a sale or a payment. In my industry I am part of that child’s memories, that families moments, that wonderful world of happiness (and stress) that everyone in that room lives in for those two hours. You never know what will happen between one birthday and the next so for me it has always been paramount to ensure that that birthday is the best ever. That goes for any industry you are in. Build a solid relationship with your clients. Don’t see them as a quick gain. Be approachable, offer them additional value – I’m not just talking on a one to one here…what can you do on a daily basis for your customers to offer that little bit more, that additional advice or additional information to make their lives easier? Build the foundations of your business on building a great customer relationship and that will provide your business with an amazing foundation and ethos.


Secondly, stop focusing on what everyone else is saying and doing. They aren’t you. They don’t think, act, talk, walk like you. Don’t have your imagination and inspiration in your business; don’t have your qualities and uniqueness. So, if you are spending time focusing on what others are doing – STOP. Carve your own path and create your business around you and what you can offer. Can I also add here I LOVE the other companies in my industry and getting to know them. I have made real friendships and great working relationships through opening myself up to working alongside them and supporting their business. In turn they have been great supporters of mine. Get to know them!

The hard sell.

Finally don’t bombard and sell. I don’t care when people continually post their offers, their “quick weight loss” diets and their next big discount. I care when people post information that makes my search for a product or service clearer and easier. Just think about your own process when you want to book or purchase something and then work backwards. These people need value and to hear your voice as a business. You want, as a consumer, to work with people that you know, like and trust – that is what it comes down to.

So take off the “salesperson” hat  and put on your own hat that exudes you and your business. Start to build your customer family.  If you are one of my customers reading this…thank you, thank you for being part of my learning as a business owner, my amazing experiences, the happiness it has brought me and for believing in us all.

Laura x

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