Five Steps to re-energize your Facebook Content

I know this seems like it’s “over done”. The whole “Facebook Content” malarky.   Every other person is a “marketing expert”…a social media “guru” – a Facebook “Master”.

Well I would like to step aside from them and say that I am not. I am someone who does exactly what the post title says – I re-energize. I re-energize your, your content, your imagination and most importantly I get you organised. So much of social media’s full capability replies on being organised. I wanted to put this together to offer you an idea of what to do and where to go with your social media. How to know the good information to take on board and how to reject the bad. How to feel excited about creating content and new ideas.

So without further ado….

Step One- What’s the big plan?

My first assumption with your business is that you have a plan. You have a route that you have mapped out and are travelling upon. Therefore your social media needs to be the same. What is the end game? Launching something? Growing your audience? Brand awareness? How are you going to know what to post if you don’t know why you are posting it? So…first step – discover what your big plan is.

Step Two – Who are your speaking to?

Okay – I know super simple step two. Obviously running a business we have our ideal clients BUT are you really speaking to them? Are you really getting your voice out there in a way that will make them want to listen? Not only that are you releasing it in a way that your audience LOVE to consume it? Whether it be video/image/blog – know your audience – know the voice that you have.

Step Three – What is your creative strength?

Where do you excel creatively? Where do your strengths lie? How can you convey who you are to a big audience if you don’t know how you are perceived the best? Knowing your creative strengths can unlock other areas of creativity that you may not have been aware of. This may also be one of those times that you realise that you aren’t creative, that you have no ideas – so what do you do than? You collaborate, you mastermind – you hire someone to work with you. Bounce ideas off another person. THIS will be a  key factor to unlocking your creativity.

Step Four – The past informs the future.

You should know your audience inside and out and thus what makes them LOVE your Facebook feed. Take all of the data you have already acquired and start looking at what your audience love – start thinking like them. Then think about new things that they would love to see, how can you offer content to solve their problem? Be creative – be interesting! Enjoy creating. Always remember your content journey so far informs your future content journey. Know your numbers, know your post details and your reach – this is how we grow the strong parts and remove the weak.

Step Five  – Plan, plan, plan

Facebook feeds and any social media become boring because we do. We panic post. We forget about our audience, we forget to show up – and we end up posting the same things over and over. Plan your content. Plan everything. Save image files on your computer. Know what you need to film, need to have ready. That way you won’t become repetitive. You won’t get bored.


Simply though the best way to become re-energized is to book a call with me. There’s no catch – it’s free. I will put myself on the line and guarantee after 30 minutes you will have your buzz back and a bank of ideas ready to go.

What are you waiting for? 

Laura x


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