Five mistakes people make with their social media content…

Okay – yes I bang on about content and the importance of it. I am actually sick of seeing posts about “You don’t need content” “You don’t need to be putting blog posts out there” “You don’t need to be sharing things”

Oh please. If you think showing up once on social media and running a big ads campaign and a few emails is enough then, in my humble (not really humble) opinion – you are grossly mistaken.

Content is a long (very long) game. I recently sat through a sensational webinar by the fantastic Janet Murray (please check her out if you haven’t already). One of my favourite things about this was Janet’s openness surrounding her content journey and the hard work in her business over the past five years that brought her to this place.

All too often we are surrounded by people telling us how easy it is to build an online business and following – that you can become an over night success. Then, when it doesn’t happen you are left confused and frustrated. So here are the most common mistakes people make that with their content…

Mistake Number One

They don’t really know the purpose of it. I am guilty of this sometimes…it usually stems from poor planning on my part. That I am putting content out there and not really understanding the purpose of it or if it is really what my ideal clients want to consume…So ask yourself – are you really solving a problem or creating engagement with this content? Is there a purpose to that post or article you have shared?

Mistake Number Two

Lack of planning. Not planning your content out can be a massive downfall. I notice the difference in my content when I haven’t planned it vs when I have. It also takes the pressure off your brain trying to think of new things all the time. Your audience will appreciate your planning too which leads me perfectly onto mistake number three…

Mistake Number Three

Lack of consistency. Consistency is key with social media and you should set yourself a system across the platforms that you use. Aim to stick to your plan and your audience will thank you for it. People grow these followings by constantly showing up and engaging with their audience. You have to be present. When it comes to video try and go for a set day/time – that way your audience will know when you will be there and are more likely to continually show up and watch!

Mistake Number Four

Thinking the over night results will happen. It is tough with social media as it is so saturated. Whenever I work with clients I make it clear that I will give them the tools that will get them there but it will take correcting mistakes number 2&3 to ensure it happens. If you put a plan in place and don’t get results in two weeks – this isn’t it not working…this is you building something and growing something. It can take up to twelve months to grow your following and that is only the beginning. Janet murray always reiterates it often takes 7-8 touch point before people by from you. If you are constantly there – engaging and showing up you are a lot closer than the person who shows up once or twice and then gets disheartened.

Mistake Number Five

Finally, and to me this is a big one – get uncomfortable and push your own boundaries. Whether this doing a video or Facebook live when you hate being on camera. Writing your first blog post when you don’t consider yourself a “write” (thank you high school English…). Being open and honest about things in your business. Showing up means showing up. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and beyond. When we stay within our box we don’t go anywhere…so get pushing!

I hope these mistakes and resolutions help you with you social media content. If you are stuck for new and innovative content ideas please drop me a message or book in a FREE 15 minute chat here

Enjoy your content journey!

Laura x

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