Top Five Mistakes when it comes to Facebook Ads…

Okay so…

I am not a Facebook Ads Specialist. I develop content for business owners and help them build their market and following.

HOWEVER everyone always comes to me initially for the same thing – Facebook Ads.

I don’t know what our obsession with them is BUT I thought I would put this together with the five most common mistakes that people make.

Mistake Number ONE

They never ask the question – do they really need to run an ad? There is this misguided philosophy on Facebook Ads that if you release them they will be the answer to all of your marketing prayers. This quite simply is not the case. They take time and money to work well along with trial and error. So do you really need one? Are you running a small local business? Are there other angles you could explore first? So ask yourself this before you move forward.

Mistake Number TWO

They just “Boost” posts. This is literally like throwing money at a wall and hoping it sticks. You can boost a post but at least have a saved audience ready that you know works. I never boost posts as I don’t fee like I ever get a good ROI. However that being said images or videos can be effective – but don’t just “Boost” because you think it is running a Facebook Ad – it really isn’t.

Mistake Number THREE

They don’t see it as a marketing campaign. Facebook Ads are a marketing campaign. They need to run with a purpose and towards a goal. It maybe brand awareness, it maybe for conversions BUT you have to structure everything. From the images to the copy it all has to have a goal and be targeted towards the right people. If you are just throwing random information in there or showcasing something that only lasts a day and setting this up the day before…that is a money wasting recipe. So what is your purpose and what do you want from it?

Mistake Number FOUR

They do not know their ROI (return on investment). How can you set a marketing budget? How can you know your costs and whether ads are working UNLESS you know your numbers? It is simple. You can run three campaigns with different audiences. See the results. Track the return on purchases and then you will know where to put your money next time – simples.

Mistake Number Five

Finally (and trust me I could have gone on!)… people do not take the time to learn the ins and outs of Facebook. They have training there. They have information. You can set up your pixel. Learn how to retarget. Learn how to build your audience AND not forgetting – you can see how you have been targeted…what your ads and information says about you. You can take all of this information and profile your ideal customers!! BOOM! PLUS…once you get to know all of this if you are outsourcing your Facebook Ads you can ask the right questions and use the best people!

I hope this helps. As I say what I specialise in is content. I practice what I preach in my business. I help and assist you in growing yours. If you want to book a FREE 15 minute chat in with me to see how we can build the best content for your business just click here.

Laura x

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