Coaches, coaches everywhere… but who can you really trust?

I don’t know about you but my Facebook feed has been saturated over the last twelve months with people offering themselves up as “Coaches” – business coaches, mind-set coaches, finance coaches, select the right shopping for your shopping basket coaches – how to put your shoes on the best way coaches (well maybe I exaggerate with the last two…although it wouldn’t surprise me!).

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Why are we intent on killing children’s creativity?

Why are we killing children’s creativity?

Firstly I want to say, no I don’t think I am being dramatic (how fitting). I have worked in education and alongside teachers for many years now and recently I am reading more and more about subjects being cut and removed from the timetable, including; drama, music dance and art.

It crossed a line for me last Monday when one of my amazing students (brilliant singer, actor and performer, who, in no uncertain terms, will be on the stage one day) informed me that music had been axed from his GCSE options.

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I want to start my own business – but I don’t know where to begin.

Okay so , you want to start your own business but like many people you don’t really know where to begin. You have told family members or chatted to your partner and decided self-employment is the direction you want to go in.

Firstly BRILLIANT! I am the biggest advocate of self-employment. I feel everyone, at some point in his or her lives, should be self-employed. It is a great learning curve and opens up more opportunities to you that any other line of work.

“I initially want to offer you the following warnings”

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My mindset towards technology

I just hated anything technological – well at least that was my mindset.

“Can’t do it, won’t do it, don’t do it – Sound familiar?”

This was my total and complete approach to anything technological online. I HATED it. I couldn’t build a website, I wasted money on designers and was ill informed about what I was actually paying for. I had such a negative mindset towards it.

I didn’t understand the words and don’t get me started on the Acronyms. Argh.

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