Does your child suffer with Anxiety?

I know what you are thinking “Laura, you write a business blog and bang on about content – where has this come from?”. Well I will tell you. If you have known me for a while you maybe familiar with a post I wrote years ago for my party blog entitled “The Shy Party Child” (You can of course check it out here) or my other post “Running a business when you suffer with anxiety”.

Both posts were inspired by, well, my life. This one is also – mainly recent events  of said life and facing huge fears. Although it seems far removed from the usual business world I promise I felt compelled to write it – but firstly I would like to offer the following disclaimer…..

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You don’t want to invest in yourself…but you want people to invest in you?

Yes in this post I am calling you out- those of you who sit in Facebook groups, jump on all of the Free webinars they can, download all of the free workbooks they can and Free “How to” guides. This one is for you – I’m not writing this to be mean – I’m writing this simply because I was you and I was making one HUGE mistake. You have to INVEST in YOU!

Way back in 2014, I was there. Sitting in the free groups, watching random free webinars that promised me a secret formula to success. Then, of course, when the “up-sell” came at the end – poof I was gone. I had almost what I needed (I figured I could work the rest out), took what I could and went onto the next one.

So how did I shift myself from being a “Freebie Frankie” to “Pay for it Penny” (which sounds more crude than I intended on writing but its catchy enough for me to stick with) you ask?

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Why your customer is not just your customer

Why you customer is not just your customer seemed a fitting post to write today as last week I made a huge decision in my business life. I decided to announce the closure of my first company NWC Parties. It feels like the right time to make this call and I am genuinely excited for what the future holds for myself in business.

It was not an easy decision to make and it was most definitely emotional but not for the reasons I thought. I thought I would miss the party life, of making children’s dreams come true and acting like I am still six years old (last week I got ID’d for a lottery ticket- I am putting this solely down to the job). Don’t get me wrong I will miss this immensely but what I will really miss is seeing all of the amazing clients and children I have had the pleasure of working with for so many years. Those who have made the business possible and those who have continued to support me throughout.

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My issue with Network Marketing (MLM – any of this industry really)

Firstly before anyone in Network Marketing jumps in and shoots straight to the comments section to troll me please READ the entirety of this post.

As I have said many times I love self-employment and advocate EVERYONE at some point being self-employed – seriously it is the best. My issue with network marketing is NOT the products, it’s not the people (okay well sometimes it’s the people), its’ not the idea behind it. Network marketing gives people the opportunity for freedom in life and in business – brilliant. Continue reading “My issue with Network Marketing (MLM – any of this industry really)”

Coaches, coaches everywhere… but who can you really trust?

I don’t know about you but my Facebook feed has been saturated over the last twelve months with people offering themselves up as “Coaches” – business coaches, mind-set coaches, finance coaches, select the right shopping for your shopping basket coaches – how to put your shoes on the best way coaches (well maybe I exaggerate with the last two…although it wouldn’t surprise me!).

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