Your Business Kick-Starter

"I just hadn't got a clue what to do...running a business had never even crossed my mind"

In 2010 I was a new Acting Graduate just waiting for the world to sweep me off my feet…for my west-end debut and for agents to be flocking. 

Within six months I knew this was most definitely not going to be the case. Somewhere along the line I had completely missed the part where in effect I was self-employed and would need to get to grips with this. I was  working as a dance teacher and a TA which were great whilst I “figured out” what I wanted to do. Then in 2011 I began to get itchy feet about working for other people. My acting (which never fully started) had stalled and I had something to prove – however I just hadn’t got a clue what to do…running a business had never even crossed my mind. 

I booked a meeting with a local “business advisor”, I then realised that I knew nothing about getting started and that would struggle to get funding as I had a degree -yet I still had all of these ideas and plans and I was determined I would make it work. 

"Laura, I think you need to focus on just one thing"

I hadn’t even scratched the surface of business and already I felt out of my depth. I sat down with my business advisor and a very sketchy business plan (beautifully colour coded though!). He turned to me and said “Laura, I think you need to focus on just one thing” – What?!. I had all of these great ideas for business – I guess he just didn’t see my vision…

He also followed up with “Your will need a website as quickly as possible – everyone seems to be online these days”. A website? My own website? I barely knew how to google let along create a website!

Irrespective off I set with my colour coded plan. I began to build a network of clients and customers (big learning curve read more about that here) and I built my first business “Inspiration Performance”. I say built. I worked all the hours in the world and made zero money – had a website I didn’t really understand and was spending money on the business daily (not good) but it was my own. 

I continued like this with various parts of my business for the next two years. I was overworked – underpaid and under valuing myself. I associated “being busy” with “success” – oh how wrong I was. I taught fitness classes for all ages, workshops, drama classes and of course my parties. 

My party company is my proudest achievement. We  spent four years fully booked months and months in advance. We had customers  all over the North West and North Wales and we grew quickly. I worked hard to make this business the best it could be and I succeeded and yet I was still missing something.

I realised I was frustrated that it took me so long to learn...

In 2016 I began to invest in myself. I spent money on coaching and mentorship and realised that in order to move my party business forwards I needed to be “in the know”. I realised that I was frustrated that it took me so long to learn and to get to this stage. I became determined to understand all of the elements of my business (even if there were tears and tantrums along the way). They say “knowledge is power” and they could not me more right. 

I went from a complete tech novice to teaching myself how to create websites, a finance phobic to understanding and optimising my costs, from barely being able to set up a Facebook page to being able to A/B test my advertising. Who was this person?

In 2017 I set up my first business network and I began working with other entrepreneurs.

It was then that I realised I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t the only person who had struggled with this. Who didn’t understand “web hosting”, who didn’t know how to price themselves. I wanted to to help…

I created “Your Business-Kick Starter” in May 2018. It felt the most natural thing to do. I have been there – worn every sweaty and stressful t-shirt going. Most importantly run successful businesses. 

With “Your Business Kick-Starter”  you are welcomed into a community of likeminded entrepreneurs. I LOVE it.  

However (as per usual) I wanted to push it further so I launched my 1:1 coaching sessions. In my niche – working from  my fifteen years of experience. I coach and mentor those within the children’s entertainment sector or party planning world. I aim to teach them the fundamental skills I wish I had when I started out. The key things that would have grown my business twice, if not three times, as quickly. Every ounce of what I teach is there to make your business life simpler, empower you with knowledge and leave you booked up.

So if you are starting out in your business or in this industry and want to get ahead, have a full understanding of your business direction and journey, where to go and what to do – I will get you there. 

Book in a FREE 30 minute Discovery call with me below and lets get started.

Laura x