Is your mindset affecting your business?

Mindset by definition is “The established set of attitudes held by someone”. I think it’s hard to remember this definition these days. We see the word “Mindset” batted about everywhere at the moment. Especially in the coaching sector where everyone is a “Mindset coach”. So lets define that firstly. Mindset coaches are there to guide you in the direction to alter an established mindset that you have.

This first part has no great impact on the rest of this post however I just think its always good to start with a clear definition. I have used the term “mindset” before – with respects to my approach to technology. In particular my “I can’t attitude” affecting my ability to absorb and learn information. It was a definite blocker and since I changed that attitude – well I can design my websites in 2 hours. I didn’t however pay anyone hundreds of pounds to help me change this attitude – I simply reflected upon myself. I’m going to share with you a way to look at yourself objectively and begin to unpick some attitudes you may have that could be holding you back. How? Why through sharing my story and the things that I did. I hope you enjoy.


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Get the most from networking online…

Again with any of these posts – I am by no means an “expert”. I am simply someone who has tried and tested different things and crossed paths with some brilliant experts online.

With social media being such a prominent tool in our day to day life it is only natural that it has filtered into our networking. We spend time on Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin building great connections. However I often see , what I would deem to be spammy networking.

I have put together three simple tips to help you build great connections, get the most possible from these groups and not be “a salesy Susan…”

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Improve your in person business networking skills…

For two years now I have run my own business network and networking events – events, that I like to think, are far away  from the “traditional” idea of networking.

I am by no means an “expert” networker – I haven’t spent years doing it or attending all of the top networking events. However, I know what I like (and from speaking to others what they like) and I certainly know what I do not. I know when someone makes a lasting impression on me and when they make a terrible first impression.

So I have compiled my five top networking tips for in person networking  below. If you employ these, I have no doubt you will improve your networking confidence and the impression that you leave.

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You don’t want to invest in yourself…but you want people to invest in you?

Yes in this post I am calling you out- those of you who sit in Facebook groups, jump on all of the Free webinars they can, download all of the free workbooks they can and Free “How to” guides. This one is for you – I’m not writing this to be mean – I’m writing this simply because I was you and I was making one HUGE mistake. You have to INVEST in YOU!

Way back in 2014, I was there. Sitting in the free groups, watching random free webinars that promised me a secret formula to success. Then, of course, when the “up-sell” came at the end – poof I was gone. I had almost what I needed (I figured I could work the rest out), took what I could and went onto the next one.

So how did I shift myself from being a “Freebie Frankie” to “Pay for it Penny” (which sounds more crude than I intended on writing but its catchy enough for me to stick with) you ask?

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